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Remodeling Home Package Package

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It's never too late to fall in love with your home again. Ascentia Construction Inc. offers remodeling package - transforming your new home into your dream home with

  • Smart updates
  • Careful planning
  • Customized design  to suit your needs
  • Practically affordable
  • For as low as P 100,000.00 ( initial cash out)

Inclusions :
_    Pre designed / pre construction phase including project planning, budgeting, scope of work, contractor pre-qualification, initial presentation of preliminary design.

_    Design phase _" including management of design process

_    Construction phase _" including time, cost, quality and on-site health and safety control

_    Moving-in phase _" including  work and moving schedule planning and moving progress co-ordination

_    Post-construction phase _" including provision of as-built drawings, warranty information and defect rectifications.

_    Turnover and acceptance of completed project

Inquiry Form
1.    What is REMODELING HOME  package?

ACI remodeling package for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room are pre designed projects customized with  given floor area designed according to its functionalities. This  includes project cost.

2.    How can I avail the REMODELING  HOME package?

You can avail any of the  REMODELING HOME package by having an initial contact with ACI thru online inquiry, phone inquiry at tel no. (032) 520-2311 or 239-1041, mobile no. 0922-8027164 or visit our office at Cabancalan, Mandaue City to discuss the details and requirements.

3.    If Iam going to choose any of the packages, can you modify it in accordance to my space or floor area?

Yes, you can choose any of the packages and ACI will modify the design to fit in accordance to your floor area with new estimates.

4.    Do I have any initial requirements/payments before Iall avail the  REMODELING  package?

Initial contact to discuss the details of the said packages is for FREE of charge. But if you wish to avail any of the packages you have to submit the following requirements;

  • Duly accomplished information sheet
  • 2 valid IDas
  • Engagement  fee of  P 10,000.00 prior to availment or  modification of any pre designed packages  with new estimates. Engagement fee is  non refundable.

5.    Do I have to enter any agreement to avail the REMODELING HOME  Package?

Yes. An agreement will follow upon approval of the modified design in accordance to your style, floor area and new estimate on labor and materials.

6.    What are your different Modes of Payment?

Client can pay cash or in check on the following schedules

  • Engagement fee
  • 20% DP from total project cost
  • Payment based on progress billing
  • Remaining balance after completion and turn over of project

7.    Do you customize design on remodeling a home?

Yes. ACI draw designs, submit project cost, construct and build the project. This means that clients can tailor fit their interior according their preferences.